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One after another, a new fatal accident and Tesla is the killler this time

he fatal accident involving a Tesla vehicle in California is now being officially investigated in the US . This was announced by the National Transport Safety Administration on Tuesday. It was unclear whether the electric car had been controlled by its automatic control system at the time of the accident . Tesla pledged his full cooperation with the agency. The share of the company collapsed by around eight percent. The accident happened last …

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what you don’t know about vitaminD

VitaminD is known as the daylight vitamin on the grounds that our bodies create it in light of daylight. Given substantial worries about skin disease and untimely maturing, we have a tendency to slather on sunscreen—which ensures skin, yet in addition restrains our bodies capacity to create vitamin D. Prevent …

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Roche confirms five deaths in drug study

According to the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, five patients treated with hemolibra hemoglobin have died in recent years. There are five adults, Roche confirmed on Wednesday corresponding reports on patient Internet portals. In the opinion of the doctors, however, there is in no case a connection between the treatment with the …

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