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The Three-Eye Dragon: Huawei Unveils P20 Pro with Triple Camera

On Tuesday, Huawei presented his new top smartphone at an event in Paris. In front of an audience of over 1,000 journalists, bloggers and distributors, Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu stepped onto the stage at the Grand Palais to unveil the new P20 series: the 6.1-inch P20 Pro and the P20 and P20 Lite with 5.8 inch display.

And for the first time this year, an Android phone really stands out. Three things stand out in the flagship model, the P20 Pro:

  • Brilliant 6.1-inch display with eye-catching « notch » – the indentation known from the iPhone X at the top edge of the screen
  • « Leica Triple Camera »: For the first time, three camera lenses are installed in a smartphone
  • Flashy colors: blue, black and additionally the « Twilight » variant , with a gradient from blue to violet stands out through

The camera

The Leica Triple Camera in the Huawei P20 Pro consists of a 40 megapixel (MP) RGB sensor, a 20 MP monochrome sensor and an 8 MP RGB sensor with 80mm telephoto lens and currently has the highest pixel count on modern smartphones , For the main 40 MP camera, an image can be captured in full resolution, but by default, the camera will take a 10 MP image, selecting the most promising pixel from each of 4 pixels next to each other.

In addition, the special ISP image processor (Image Signal Processor) and a color temperature sensor ensure better color reproduction on the images.

With f / 1.8 (RGB), f / 1.6 (monochrome) and f / 2.4 (telephoto) apertures, you can capture sharp images with clear details. The Huawei CEO put special emphasis on the zoom function: If modern flagship models (like the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 +) have a 2x optical zoom, the P20’s camera has 3x optical, up to 10x digital and in between another five times the zoom, which seems to bring together the best of both techniques.

Credits : Huawei Mobile Youtube Channel

The colors

Finally, a manufacturer dares what and emerges from the uniformity of muted colors out. And not in a shrill-sloping way, but with a lot of class: The back of all P20 models is made of glass, which gives the devices a certain value. The colors are achieved by applying several layers of paint under the glass back. This ensures that the colors Twilight (P20 Pro), Pink Gold (P20) Black and Midnight Blue (both models) as well as Midnight Black, Sakura Pink and Klein Blue on the P20 Lite seem to be of one piece.

The artificial intelligence

Both top models, the P20 and P20 Pro, are powered by a Kirin 970 chip system. Specifically, this is because a separate NPU chip is installed, which stands for « Neural Processing Unit » – ie an artificial intelligence (AI) processor. This is based on the same system with which Huawei steered a Porsche at the Mobile World Congress and avoided obstacles ( « Bluewin » reported ).

The P20 series uses this AI processor to further enhance images from the camera. The P20 can identify 19 different subjects, such as « Flower Meadow » or « Portrait », and select the appropriate settings for each moment. In addition, the AI ​​stabilizes night and long-term shots and provides shake-free images even with videos. By the way, video recordings are also possible with a slow motion with 960 frames per second (fps).

First conclusion: test in progress

A few minutes ago, the « Bluewin » digital editor got his P20 Pro in his hand. One thing in advance: The device is great in spite of its size in the hand and feels valent. We took photos in different lighting conditions to find out if the « third eye » really makes the difference. You can see the result in our gallery above.

Prices and availability in Switzerland:

HUAWEI P20 Pro: from April 6, 2018, RRP: CHF 899.- (Twilight, Black, Midnight Blue)

HUAWEI P20: from April 6, 2018, RRP: CHF 699.- (Black, Pink Gold, Midnight Blue)

HUAWEI P20 lite: immediately, RRP: CHF 399.- (Midnight Black, Sakura Pink, Small Blue)

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