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Discover the news updates of Google Assistant

Google Assistant: Own routines probably with next update

A few days ago, the routines ended up in the Google Assistant , but since then are only available in the US. What is a routine? Say, for example, « Hey Google, good morning », then the assistant can turn on the light, the smartphone (Android) get out of sleep, turn on the heater, read the weather and then start one of your selected playlist on Spotify.

 This is just an example and so far you have to come out with a selection from Google. In 9TO5Google , however, one has examined the upcoming Google App and found a clue that soon come their own routines.

Google assistant is supported by Philips

Google’s smart assistant can now do even more, from now on the scenes from Philips Hue are supported. Hue lamps can be controlled by Alexa and the Google Assistant for a long time, but the assistant of Google could drive in Hue still no scenes. This has changed in the past few days, and for German-speaking users, the scenes are now also accessible to Hue systems.

If that does not work out for you on the first test, sync your smart home devices with the Google Assistant, just say « Ok Google, sync my smart home devices. » Now you can use scenes that you created in Philips Hue.

Google launches Transactions in Germany

With Transactions on Google, users can make purchases, bookings, or make reservations directly from their smartphone or Google Home smart signers. Similar to Amazon’s Alexa, the companies need to develop their own language app via Actions on Google and interface with Transactions.

The long-distance bus company FlixBus offers the sale of tickets via Google Assistant since the launch of Transactions. With the voice command « Ask ‘FlixBus for a ticket from Hamburg to Berlin », the assistant compares travel connections with the personal calendar and then proposes a suitable option. Car sharing provider car2go makes reservations through transactions. Afterwards, users are navigated to the car within the car2go app.

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