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Apple CEO Tim Cook is worrying about Trump’s decision

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in the trade dispute between the United States and China to moderate forces. He hopes that the « cool heads » prevailed, said the manager this Saturday on the sidelines of a conference in Beijing. There have been cases where not everyone in American-Chinese trade has benefited or the benefits have …

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How China can hurt Trump in a trade conflict

If the expanding trade dispute between the United States and the rest of the world in general, and China in particular, were not so worrying, one of the many anecdotes from the White House would make you smile tiredly. The new economic advisor to US President Donald Trump, Larry Kudlow, had suggested a …

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China’s President Xi Jinping‬ cemented his power

China has affirmed the expulsion of term limits for its pioneer, in a move that viably permits Xi Jinping to stay as president forever. Credit : Commons Wikipedia The vote was generally viewed as an elastic stamping exercise. Two agents voted against the change and three went without, out of …

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