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Finally: With this small extension you turn off Facebook’s snooping

Actually, we already knew it for a long time, but the recent data scandal brought it back into the public consciousness: Facebook spies us out, almost everywhere. Not only does Mark Zuckerberg’s network know what you do on Facebook, it also stores almost all other website visits, shopping scams and search queries. Many people are thinking about deleting their Facebook profile. The alternative comes from Firefox developer Mozilla.

With its own plug-in, the browser stops Facebook’s constant snooping with just a few clicks . This is based on the fact that other websites also pass on the details of their page visits to Facebook via the like buttons placed there. And that is precisely what prevents the plug-in. Facebook is – to put it in Mozilla’s words – locked in a separate container.

To install the Facebook lock

The way there is very simple: Just open this link in Firefox , click on « Add to Firefox » and confirm with two more clicks on « Add » and « OK » the installation. Firefox then logs you off automatically on Facebook and deletes the associated cookies. After logging in again, Facebook opens in a new tab marked with a blue line under the page name – and no longer has access to the rest of the browser’s data.

Apart from the data lock, Facebook can then be used quite normally. Social network links to other pages open in tabs. Caution: If you click on « Share » or « Like » buttons on web pages, they will be loaded back into the Facebook container – and Facebook will know that you were on the page in question. Of course, the plug-in can not protect against espionage in other browsers and the Facebook apps – including Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Privacy at Mozilla

Mozilla has been trying for years to better protect user data. Thus advertising tracking can be switched off with on-board means. Away from Facebook, the foundation offers another plug-in that allows you to create your own containers to separate different online identities. This also allows social networks to be open at the same time with multiple profiles, such as a work and a leisure account. Mozilla itself assures not to collect any data from the plug-ins. Just save how many times they are installed and deleted.

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