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After Kylie Jenner, Now it’s Rihanna that kills the ghost

« Better slap Rihanna or hit Chris Brown? » The singer did not find this Snapchat ad funny. It’s not the first time that an influencer has put pressure on Snap’s stock.
The parent company of the social network Snapchat has felt one more time that criticism of celebrities from show business can weigh on the share price. Only a few weeks ago, the share of Snap Inc. lost six percent in value, after reality star Kylie Jenner suggested on Twitter, she would no longer use Snapchat. Apparently this was in connection with a controversial new design of Snapchat’s smartphone app. Now pop star Rihanna Snapchat attacked publicly because of a published in the social network ad, which plays down their domestic violence. Snap’s share price fell nearly four percent.
The ad came from the manufacturer of a video game called « Would you rather! ». Viewers were asked if they would rather « slap Rihanna » or « beat Chris Brown. » This was an allusion to an episode that occurred in 2009 between the two then romantically associated music stars. Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna. Photos of Rihanna, with her face and bruises on her face, went around the world back then.

Rihanna was outraged by the ad for the video game and wrote in an entry on the photo⇒ page Instagram that advertising is making fun of victims of domestic violence. Looking at Snapchat, she said, « Shame on you. » Many other social network users expressed solidarity and criticized Snapchat. Snap feigned after Rihanna’s protest and apologized for the « terrible mistake ». « This ad is disgusting and should never have appeared on our service. »


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