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Apple CEO Tim Cook is worrying about Trump’s decision

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in the trade dispute between the United States and China to moderate forces. He hopes that the « cool heads » prevailed, said the manager this Saturday on the sidelines of a conference in Beijing. There have been cases where not everyone in American-Chinese trade has benefited or the benefits have not been balanced. At the same time Cook advertised a more open trade.

US President Donald Trump had announced that he would raise additional tariffs on Chinese products worth up to $ 60 billion. The Ministry of Commerce in Beijing stated that they were not afraid of a trade war. The conflict has led to significant price losses on the international stock markets.

The dispute also affects hardware manufacturers like Apple, which have a large part of their products built in the People’s Republic to sell in other countries. Electronic products are among the most important goods America imports from China. Cook has visited China several times over the past year, and in October he was among managers who met with President Xi Jinping .

Apple is seeking to expand its services in China, the third largest market of the American corporation. There, about 1.8 million developers use Apple’s platform.

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