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Lefty Kreh, Giant In The World Of Fly Fishing, Passes Away

Bernard « Lefty » Kreh, the most celebrated fly angler who at any point lived, passed away today at 93 years old.

I was honored to meet Lefty three years prior when I completed an anecdote about him for Garden and Gun magazine (posted here). Be that as it may, I had a feeling that I’d known him the majority of my life. As a child, I was fixated on fly angling (regardless I am currently), which implied, obviously, that I fell under the spell of the man with an enchanted, hole toothed grin. Lefty was wherever in the realm of fly angling. He composed innumerable books and articles. He was a visitor on TV appears. He appeared to show up at each sportsman’s show in the nation.

Lefty was and will remain the greatest name in fly angling’s history. He was the game’s premier represetative, an inventive fly-tyer, an incredible napper and joke-teller, and apparently its most prominent expert of the cast.

Here are four of my most loved tales from the Garden and Gun story:

– Lefty was really a « righty » for a lot of his life. He tore the biceps in his left arm while flipping a sleeping pad numerous years back, and just exchanged arms when throwing.

– He battled in the Battle of the Bulge.

– At exhibitions, he would dazzle crowds by throwing an entire fly line with just his hand and by knocking cigarettes out of the mouths of comely young women from eighty feet away.

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