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Tottenham Vs Juventus : The real level of the champions

Thank you Allegri

in attacking this eighth of final return, in a tie vote unfavorable, the 4-3-3 composed by Allegri has not had the expected effect during the first hour of the game. And contrary to the beginning of their 1st leg match, Juventus have seen crashing waves in London for 45 minutes. The midfield, composed of Matuidi-Khedira-Pjanic, had had no control of the ball, and even when he possessed the ball, the incessant pressure of Tottenham’s players has stifled the tactic of Juve. The scenario is even repeated at the beginning of the second period, before this famous hour of game. 61St minute, Allegri attempts a coup: it returns to the 4-4-2, fact fit of a detent Pjanic and put in Lichststeiner on the right side of the defense, which allows to replace Barzagli.

Paying Result: The old lady is found more balanced and is returned to the solid block that she knows, and gets more flexibility in the front.

Higuain, is that really you

he has not existed for 60 minutes, up to the time of the tactical change operated by his coach. Draft current and almost always in a vacuum until then, Pipita has a single blow found into the danger area then, and especially at the right time. More explosive, he was the one who has relaunched the machine in Turin by repeating a head addressed by Khedira following a cross of the Swiss player Lichtsteiner, entered a few seconds earlier (1-1, 64min). Almost in the wake, the Argentine, 40 meters of the cages of Lloris, protects his ball and sees the rapid departure of Paulo Dybala. Launched in depth, this last easily adjusts Lloris a cross-strike in the skylight (1-2, 67min). A goal and an assist in only three minutes, the striker  has made forget to supporters his penalty missed at the &st leg  match. He’s not even stopped, continuing doing his defensive roles.

And yes, they made it to the quarter finals.


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