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Facebook is losing people’s trust, Now they lose Elon Musk

The Facebook data scandal is always on the increase. Now Elon Musk has deleted the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX.

The revelations surrounding the Facebook data scandal have hit high waves in the past few days (Blick reported). The London-based consulting firm Cambridge Analytica is the focus of the disclosure scandal. It is suspected to have used data of 50 million users in an unfair manner.

Shortly after the announcement of the data scandal was on Twitter with the hashtag #deletefacebook called to delete his Facebook profile. Now Tesla boss Elon Musk (46) has also followed this appeal.

Instagram profiles of Tesla and SpaceX not yet deleted

According to the tech portal « The Verge «  Musk has both the Facebook page of Tesla and the US space company SpaceX, whose founder he is delete.

Both sides each had 2.6 million likes on Facebook. On Instagram, however, the official company profiles of Tesla and SpaceX are still active.

Search at Cambridge Analytica in London 

Extensive research shows that since 2015 Cambridge Analytica has misused personal data from Facebook users to manipulate elections. Specifically, the company is suspected of having influenced millions of US voters in the run-up to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

On Friday evening, 18 employees of the UK Data Protection Commission (ICO) (Information Commissioner’s Office) obtained access to Cambridge Analytica in London and searched the premises by court order.

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