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One after another, a new fatal accident and Tesla is the killler this time

he fatal accident involving a Tesla vehicle in California is now being officially investigated in the US . This was announced by the National Transport Safety Administration on Tuesday. It was unclear whether the electric car had been controlled by its automatic control system at the time of the accident . Tesla pledged his full cooperation with the agency. The share of the company collapsed by around eight percent. The accident happened last …

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Discover the news updates of Google Assistant

Google Assistant: Own routines probably with next update A few days ago, the routines ended up in the Google Assistant , but since then are only available in the US. What is a routine? Say, for example, « Hey Google, good morning », then the assistant can turn on the light, the smartphone (Android) get out …

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Instagram: Is the chronological feed finally coming?

We have only modest wishes: world peace, coffee with perfect milk foam, dream weight, equal rights and the chronological feed on Instagram . The latter may seem close enough, but not exactly as we imagine it to be. In 2016, Instagram abolished the chronological feed to give the « more relevant » postings a place in the …

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Samsung: first cinema with new 3D LED technology in Zurich

Samsung announces very confidently that the 10.3 meter wide and 5.4 meter high displays should work with nine million LED pixels. The giant screen consists of 96 individual modules which should be easily replaced if necessary. Samsung promises a « seamless » installation and « high-precision » calibration . In terms of luminosity, color brilliance and sharpness, the new technology should …

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Report: Apple develops its own display technology

Apple wants to develop according to a media report after own computer chips also the technology of the displays of its devices. The iPhone group has already managed to produce prototypes of small screens for its computer clock Apple Watch, wrote the financial service Bloomberg on Monday. Apple’s MicroLED technology is designed to produce display that offer …

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