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These are the most popular companies of German LinkedIn members

The professional network LinkedIn expands in the German-speaking region and opens a location in Berlin. The plans of LinkedIn director Barbara Wittmann for the capital office.


For the second time, LinkedIn has published the list of the 25 most coveted employers of German members . In total, billions of data points generated by the more than 546 million users of the careers network worldwide have been analyzed. From this, a so-called Blended Score was created, based on which the top companies of each region were determined.

Four criteria were included in the assessment: the reach of the companies on LinkedIn, the interest in their job offers, the duration of employment, and the quality of the interactions of LinkedIn users with the shared content of the companies. LinkedIn and parent company Microsoft were excluded from the evaluation. Overall, the analysis only includes companies with more than 500 employees. Subsidiaries that are wholly owned by the parent company have been combined in the final ranking.

These are the 25 most popular companies in Germany:

  1. Mc Kinsey2. Alphabet

    3. Amazon

    4. Huawei

    5. Boston Consulting Group

    6. Salesforce

    7. Here Technologies

    8. Merck Group

    9. Deloitte

    10. Zalando

    11. Trivago

    12. Apple

    13. Nestlé

    14. Dell

    15. Oracle

    16. Altran

    17. E-On

    18. BMW

    19. Hugo Boss

    20. Alliance

    21. IBM

    22. L’Oreál

    23. Cisco

    24. Adidas Group

    25. Procter & Gamble

    The ranking shows that McKinsey, the corporate and strategy consultancy of the most popular employer of the German Linkedin user is. But not to sink in the flood of applicants is difficult: According to a media report,201,000 applications were received by 2,200 vacancies at McKinsey in 2017. According to Linkedin, a total of 25,000 people work for the company.

    In addition to McKinsey, other consultants such as the Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte are among the top companies in Germany. In addition, tech companies in particular are popular with the German users of the business network: The Google mother Alphabet, Amazon and Huawei land, for example, in places 2 to 4.

    Compared to last year has done a lot at the top: Was Zalando 2017 still the most popular company of the German LinkedIn users, slipping it in the current ranking in tenth place. This helps McKinsey to the top position. Already in the previous year, the management consultancy was on the heels of the online mail order company. The Zalando dam Rocket Internet also disappears completely from the ranking, although the listed investment company in the previous year ranked third of the top companies.



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