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Steuerzahlerbund: Germany is to sell shares in Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post and Rail

The Association of Taxpayers is in favor of selling the shares of the federal government in the Telekom, the post office and the train.
« A sale of the Telekom shares would bring the state around 20 billion euro », said association president Reiner wood nail the Tagesspiegel. The railways should in the opinion of the Taxpayer Association networks and stations remain in state hands, but the main business with the rail traffic must be repelled.

But Holznagel sees a need for action particularly at Deutsche Post – because of the conflict of interest: because Swiss Post still plays a dominant role, it is controlled by the Federal Network Agency and the German Federal Cartel Office on behalf of the government. On the other hand, however, the federal government has a strong interest in profitable mail. « All in all, I would argue for a sale of the postal shares – that would bring the state almost ten billion euros, » the sheet cited wood nail.

At Telekom , the state is still involved with 32 percent, at the post office with 21 percent and the railways with 100 percent.


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